Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Smart Thermostat - White

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Entergy Mississippi Customer Price: $39*

SKU: ST75WU-1 Emerson

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The award-winning Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat makes comfort control easier with upgraded features that are more adaptive to your lifestyle.

The Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat puts comfort and control at your fingertips. At home or on the go, the easy-to-use interface lets you adjust your thermostat with just a tap.

Check your system compatibility before you buy. Compatible wiring is required for installation. If your wiring is not compatible, consult with a contractor for installation assistance.



What's in the box?

Not sure if your home is compatible? Check out the Emerson Thermostat Compatibility Checker site to determine which thermostats work with your home. 

Need a C-Wire adapter? This thermostat is compatible with the Emerson C-Wire kit.

This thermostat does not come with professional installation. Visit the Emerson Installation Page for instructions.