Entergy Mississippi Energy Efficiency Kits for Kids

It's fun to save energy.

Every time kids watch a favorite TV show, play a video game or just turn on a light, they're using energy. By using the items in the Entergy Mississippi Energy Efficiency Kit for Kids - and completing the activities in the Energy Efficiency Activity Book - kids can do their part to use less energy and prevent energy waste.

 Energy Efficiency Activity Book

Get Started right away with games, puzzles and other fun activities to help kids learn how energy works and where they can save energy at home. Download and print the Energy Efficiency Activity Book now.

Energy-Saving Products

Press the button below to receive a selection of energy-saving procuts that will work hard to help you save energy around the house. The kit will be shipped to your address at no additional cost to you, a $59 value.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Four LED bulbs.
  • Two LED battery backup bulbs.
  • One LED desk lamp.
  • One LED night-light.
  • One kitchen faucet aerator.
  • Two bathroom faucet aerators.
  • One efficiency-flow showerhead.
  • Six LED glow rings.
Product colors may vary. Must be an Entergy Mississippi customer. One kit per household available with coupon code provided by participating schools.

Click here to download installation instructions.