TrickleStar Plug-in Energy Monitor

Entergy Mississippi Customer Price: $26.99

SKU: TS2001 TrickleStar

Understand, measure and track energy consumption and its impact.

Measuring and understanding energy consumption is the first step toward finding ways to save energy. TrickleStar’s Plug-in Energy Monitor is an affordable solution to help you understand the energy impact of certain household electronics and appliances, which can reduce energy usage and lead to the adoption of energy-saving behaviors. If you are looking to determine which electronics are the energy hogs in your home, simply plug in the electronic device into the Plug-in Energy Monitor and watch the truth unfold.

This energy monitor:

  • Includes surge protection to ensure the device is protected against surges and voltage spikes while being monitored.
  • Features one on/off outlet.
  • Has 360 Joules of surge protection.
  • Includes a green "protected" LED indicator light to show surge protection is active.
  • Has a programmable timer control feature that can shut off power supply to the device based on your preference, saving energy and money.