Frequently Asked Questions


Will COVID-19 affect my shipping date?

We are monitoring the situation resulting from COVID-19 closely and are doing everything we can to ensure that orders are shipped on time. While we are not experiencing shipping delays currently, please understand that your order could take additional time to ship. Please allow up to seven business days for shipping confirmation before contacting customer care.

What is the Entergy Solutions Marketplace?

The Entergy Solutions Marketplace is an online store where Entergy Mississippi residential customers can receive instant incentives on many energy-related products. All items on the Entergy Solutions Marketplace are available to help with your home’s energy efficiency needs.

Who is eligible for rebated products?

Customer Eligibility

  • To be eligible for incentives, you must be an active residential customer of Entergy Mississippi.
  • Eligibility confirmation is completed by matching your shipping address to your Entergy Mississippi customer account.


Entergy Mississippi Customer

Non-Entergy Mississippi Customer

Advanced Smart Thermostat


Not eligible for incentives but may purchase at non-incentivized price.

Advanced Power Strip


Not eligible for incentives but may purchase at non-incentivized price.


Measure Eligibility

The advanced smart thermostat must control an electric heating and/or cooling system to be eligible for an incentive. You will be asked a series of questions at checkout to determine advanced smart thermostat eligibility.

How are the incentives applied?

The instant incentive will be automatically applied at time of checkout. Entergy Mississippi will verify your eligibility prior to the checkout process.

I am having trouble with the rebate validation process. What can I do?

Attempting different variations of your address can assist in locating your account (i.e. 123 Main Street vs. 123 Main St). You may also contact us via email, chat or by calling 844-523-9980 for assistance.

Are there limits to the number of rebated products I can purchase?

Yes, there are quantity limits for incentivized products.


Incentive Quantity Limit

Advanced Power Strip


Advanced Smart Thermostat


NOTE: You can still purchase additional items beyond the incentive limits shown above, without the instant incentive applied.

What if I exceed a quantity limit?

If you exceed an incentive quantity limit for an item, you can update your cart to reduce the quantity being purchased, remove the item from your cart or check out at the full retail price.

Can I place multiple orders?

Yes, you can place multiple orders. However, there are limits on the total number of an item you can order at one time, as well as across transactions. Based on your order history, items may not qualify for an incentive during the current transaction.

Order Information

How can I view and print my online order confirmation?

You can view your order information in the order confirmation email.

How do I track my order?

The tracking information will be included in the shipping confirmation email.

Can I change the shipping date?

The Entergy Solutions Marketplace is not able to adjust the shipping date for your order. Typically, products are shipped within one to two business days after the order is placed.


Can I return my order?

Individual or multiple items can be returned if return requirements are met.

Requirements for return:

  • Entergy Solutions Marketplace allows for returns to be made within 30 days after delivery.
  • For non-defective products, you are responsible for shipping costs to return the product.
  • If the product is defective, returns and refunds are subject to the Entergy Solutions Marketplace Return Policies.

How do I return my order?

To return a product, you may request a return form. Requests for returns can be made via email, chat or by calling 844-523-9980.

The full return policy for the Entergy Solutions Marketplace can be found here.

How do I cancel or modify my order?

To cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible via email, chat or by calling 844-523-9980.

The full return policy for the Entergy Solutions Marketplace can be found here.

What if I received a damaged or defective product?

If a product you received is damaged or defective, Entergy Mississippi will replace the product. You may be asked to return the original product with original packaging.

What if my item is on backorder?

On rare occasions, popular products may be temporarily out of stock, but the Entergy Solutions Marketplace is usually able to restock items quickly. The Entergy Solutions Marketplace will ship partial orders if an item in your order is currently on backorder.

Payment and Shipping

How long does standard delivery take?

Standard delivery is five to seven business days.

How much does shipping cost?

Orders over $49 (after rebates are applied and before taxes and fees are added) ship for free. Orders $49 and under (after rebates are applied and before taxes and fees are added) ship for a flat rate of $5.

What payment forms are accepted on the Entergy Solutions Marketplace?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

Can I pay with a different method like adding it to my Entergy Mississippi bill or using PayPal?

The Entergy Solutions Marketplace currently accepts credit card payments only.

How much is tax?

Mississippi state sales tax is 7%; city/municipal taxes may be applicable and vary by location.

Can I have it shipped to a different address?

Orders on incentivized products must be sent to the address associated with the Entergy Mississippi account.

Orders for non-incentivized products can be sent to addresses other than the address associated with the Entergy Mississippi account.

Warranty Provisions

All product warranties are provided by the product manufacturer. Visit the product manufacturer’s website for all warranty information. 



Will Entergy Mississippi install my advanced smart thermostat?

Entergy Mississippi does not install the advanced smart thermostat for you. Please review the installation requirements for each product before purchasing. 

Entergy Mississippi recommends consulting with a licensed and insured HVAC professional for specific system requirements and compatibility of all products.