Niagara Dual Spray Swivel Faucet Aerator

Retail value: $7.40
Incentive: -$2.40
Entergy Mississippi customer price: $5*

SKU: N3115P-FC Niagara

A far-reaching, powerful spray makes this faucet aerator an excellent buy. Direct the stream to rinse all the sides and corners of your sink. Enjoy extra water pressure for all your dishwashing and food-preparation duties. Reliable pressure-compensation technology means this aerator performs well with high, low or average water pressure. Both a full-force and a splash-free bubble stream are in reach: simply twist the aerator’s body to change the spray. A slight stream of water will flow from your aerator when the flip valve is in the off position for anti-scalding safety. WaterSense® certified for quality.


  • Uses only 1.5 GPM, saving valuable hot water.
  • Offers durability with sturdy plastic construction and a chrome-plated brass connector.
  • Makes cleaning easy, thanks to soft rubber nozzles.
  • Installs in a snap.
  • Features dual-threading to fit both male- and female-threaded faucets.