Niagara Earth Showerhead - Chrome

Retail value: $13
Incentive: -$5
Entergy Mississippi customer price: $8*

SKU: N2915CH Niagara

Refresh yourself under a soothing showerhead. With the Niagara Earth® Showerhead, a smooth-and-simple rotation switches the spray style. Better conserve the heat used to warm up your water, thanks to this head’s non-aerated design. In turn, you save more money on your energy bill, and you’re less likely to run out of hot water during your shower — a win-win.

As you help conserve our planet’s resources, you enjoy an indulgent — yet guilt-free — shower experience. Works like a charm in rentals, homes with wells and septic tanks, and any shower you use. WaterSense® labeled for maximum performance.


  • Efficiently flows at 1.5 GPM.
  • Optimizes your water flow, no matter your current water pressure.
  • Features a metal ball joint and durable plastic body for maintenance-free use.
  • Installs easily.
  • Provides three settings: needle (gentle), massage (forceful) and combination.
  • Tailors the number of nozzles used, from nine to 45 nozzles, to the spray setting.