Niagara Healthguard Handheld Showerhead

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SKU: N9415CH-HH Niagara

Conserve water and energy in your home using this 1.5 GPM handheld showerhead. The Niagara Healthguard Handheld Showerhead features a removable, anti-microbial faceplate for easy cleaning. All Niagara showering products are equipped with a patented internal pressure compensator providing consistent output and flow of water regardless of available water pressure. Niagara products are preferred by professionals and consumers alike because of their ability to conserve energy and water without sacrificing quality or performance.


  • Five spray settings.
  • Pressure compensated technology guarantees a consistent flow rate across a wide range of pressure.
  • 3” face diameter.
  • Corrosion-resistant, high-impact ABS thermoplastic body with metal ball joint.
  • Removable, anti-microbial faceplate.
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty.