Simply Conserve A19 6W Dimmable Soft White (4 pack)

Entergy Mississippi customer price: $11.33

SKU: L06A1927KENCL-4 Simply Conserve

This dimmable soft white LED is equipped with a 300° beam angle that produces even light from the socket base in all directions and can be used in enclosed fixtures. With a standard medium base, this LED can be easily installed into existing lamps, ceiling fixtures, recessed fixtures, sconces, pendants and other decorative fixtures. 25,000-hour life. ENERGY STAR® certified for quality.

This dimmable LED:

  • Provides omni-directional light.
  • Delivers wide-reaching rays, thanks to a 300° beam angle.
  • Withstands damp conditions, indoors and outdoors.
  • Works in ceiling lights, decorative fixtures and even entirely enclosed fixtures (without overheating them).
  • Fits your existing sockets.