Simply Conserve BR30 11W Dimmable Soft White (4 pack)

Entergy Mississippi customer price: $16.72

SKU: LR30D11W-27K-4 Simply Conserve

An economical floodlight for elegant lighting. Add brilliance to your favorite room with this dimmable LED for recessed lighting, track lighting and spotlights. Thanks to a wide beam angle and soft white (2700 Kelvin) color temperature, the natural-feeling light evenly covers larger areas. It is a great replacement for 65-watt incandescent floodlights, enabling you to save on energy expenses day after day. 25,000-hour life. ENERGY STAR® certified.

This dimmable BR30 bulb:

  • Easily fits in your current floodlight fixtures.
  • Works indoors and outdoors in both dry and damp environments.
  • Suits many fixtures — from open to entirely enclosed ones.
  • Reaches far and wide with a 105° beam angle.