Simply Conserve BR30 Smart LED Flood (4 pack)

Entergy Mississippi customer price: $69.99

SKU: L8W-BR30-CCT-RGB-WiFi G2-4 Simply Conserve

Illuminate a world of possibilities with your smart home bulbs. Change brightness and color based on your daily activity. Bring them to life by naming, grouping and sharing your smart bulbs. With the touch of a finger or the ease of voice control, you can monitor and adjust your lights from anywhere.

Stay connected to your lighting with this Wi-Fi enabled bulb:

  • Use Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant for easy voice control.
  • Operate the lamp directly from your phone with no hub required.
  • Change the lamp’s brightness and color based on your activities.
  • Schedule automatic lighting to brighten and dim your home in sync with your schedule.
  • Stay connected to your lights anywhere at any time using the Simply Conserve app.

This BR30 Smart Bulb:

  • Features remote control from your mobile devices.
  • Easily fits in your current floodlight fixtures.
  • Works indoors and outdoors in both dry and damp environments.
  • Suits many fixtures — from open to entirely enclosed ones.
  • Reaches far and wide with a 105° beam angle.
  • Includes a 1-year warranty.