TrickleStar Tier 1, 7-Outlet Advanced Power Strip

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The TrickleStar Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip saves energy by reducing the standby power wasted by home entertainment electronics.

Standby power, also commonly referred to as vampire power or phantom load, is energy consumed by electronics while they are switched off or in standby mode. The TrickleStar Advanced PowerStrip provides premium-quality, fireproof surge protection and helps eliminate standby power waste from PC and TV peripheral electronics.

The Advanced PowerStrip features current-sensing circuitry to sense whether the control device (typically a TV or PC) is either on, off or in a standby state. Through simple automation, the Advanced PowerStrip reduces wasteful standby power by automatically powering on or off peripheral electronics (such as the DVD player or printer) when the primary control device (such as a TV or PC) turns on, off or enters a standby state. The Advanced PowerStrip is easy to install and suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

View the video below for a demonstration of product set up and use. 

This Advanced PowerStrip:

  • Features two always-on outlets, one control (TV) outlet, and four switched (accessory) outlets.
  • Is suitable for TV and home theater setups.
  • Includes 1,080 Joules of surge protection at 500 VPR.
  • Has premium quality, ceramic-encased fireproof surge protection.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.